Technology Agreement

INITIAL COMMENTS: The technology upgrade was intended to lift the load off our volunteers who set up the hall each week. It was to be simple for anyone to learn the system. (This is well achieved). We now have two teams 1. Technology and 2. Floor set up, tables and chairs etc.
NOTE: Only those trained to run the technology may turn it on and use it.

This record of the details is so future generations are aware of the verbal arrangement between the CWMC and the Senior Citizens Hall. It is all verbal between Dave Powell and Vern Garlick. Graham …?.. was in on some of the discussions.


About Easter 2018 The hall committee allowed us to build our technology into the hall structure. The build was completed 15th May 2018

Steve Muller was the technician who supplied the equipment and installed it. Any detailed training, repairs or upgrades please see Steve.
Mobile: 0402 481 798 Email:

  1. To use the TV’s, The hall committee was to have free access to all the technology but they are not particularly interested at the moment in using the TV’s. If they want to at some stage they are most welcome to but will need their own laptop and wireless sender and it would be helpful to be trained to set it up and use it. We are developing a Training Manual (Jan 2019) for basic set up of the whole system.
  2. To use the PA equipment, which is what the Senior Citizens are wanting at this stage, they will need their own Tablet/Laptop with the Behringer mixer software on it.
  3. I have offered to run the TV’s for the Seniors if, for instance, they were to host a fund raising movie for themselves. Probably it would be better to use the HDMI projector with sound plugged into the PA equipment and the large free standing screen for such a job as that.
  4. As of May 2018 Vern Garlick said they only wanted to use the PA and I have informed him that they need to get a Tablet/laptop and that they are welcome to join in on our training day for our own technology team.

Their generosity to us is noted and much appreciated. Please note we commit ourselves to build and maintain a friendly working relationship with the Senior Citizens. They are our neighbours and deserve to be respected and honoured.


Rev Dave Powell