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Notes and Details of the founding of the Caboolture Wesleyan Methodist Church

This page is protected due to the mention of people’s names and is mostly note form. Some of the details and photos for the Glasshouse church are here also. An organised presentation, minus the names, is under “Our Story”

This page also is a permanent place to record the history of the church. The first list is a list of the founding members, then the next batch of people to come in. After that is the details as some other people remember.

It is worth saying that it was Geoff Perry who came to Caboolture as a Fire Brigade officer and was the one who mentioned to me (Dave) that it was time to start the Church in Caboolture. I was a bit scared of making such a big decision and needed that encouragement to take the first step.

  • Geoff and Jenny Perry; (Come from the Toowoomba Wesleyan Methodist Church)
  • Graeme and (Anne or was it Margret?) Bardsley (and eldest son Grant?); (New members)
  • Jim and Ivy Sorrensen; (Came from the Churches of Christ)
  • Ruth Hartin; (Came from the Baptist church)
  • (Pastor) Dave and Joy Powell (from the Deception Bay Wesleyan Methodist Church)
  1. The Caboolture group had met each week in Geoff and Jenny Perry’s home for a weekly Bible study. The Caboolture Wesleyan Methodist Church was a plant from the Deception Bay Church (later to be renamed “New Life” Redcliffe), where Pastor Dave (and Joy) Powell was Pastor.
  2. Dave and Joy Powell had pastoral oversight of the Deception Bay and Caboolture churches and transferred to Caboolture to be its first full time Pastor. (Rev Harry Herlaar came back to the Deception Bay Church to be its pastor after planting a church in Townsville. Pastor Owen White was to follow Harry.)
  3. Sunday School started, after the school holidays, on the 25th September 1988.
  4. Glasshouse church plant: A few years later, two visitors from Glasshouse attended the Caboolture Church one Sunday evening. Margie Mander and Ethel Burgess, who were at that time attending the Uniting Church at Glasshouse, expressed the need for a Wesleyan Methodist fellowship in their local community, and plans were put in place to commence a work there.
    It began with a Bible Study in the home of Garry and Debbie Rodgers on Thursday night 10 Oct 1991 led by Pastor Dave Powell and later by his father Pastor Bram Powell followed by Graham Smith. The church graduated to Sunday services on the 15th Nov 1992. Pastor Dave Powell delivered the inaugural sermon and on the same day the Caboolture Church LAC appointed Graham Smith to have Lay pastoral oversight of Glasshouse under the guidance of the Caboolture Church. Graham went on to study for the ordained ministry. (Pastor Bram Powell also lead a bible study later during Pastor Owen Whites tenure. Owen had the oversight of Redcliffe Caboolture and Glasshouse for about 6 mths).

(Pastor Bram Powell also lead a bible study later during Pastor Owen Whites tenure).

Next Group To Attend

The below folk began to attend during the first half of 1988 while continuing to fulfill their AM Sunday School obligations in their previous church.

  • Graham and Sue Smith and children(Came from the Presbyterian church)
  • Alan and Faye Weir and children (Came from the Presbyterian church)
  • Keith and Anne Atkins and children (Came from the Presbyterian church or maybe the Uniting church)

Different Peoples Recollection Of The
Commencement Of The Sunday School

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