Guest Speakers Information

Greetings and welcome to our guest speakers. It is a privilege for us that you are able to come and share your message with us and we want to honour your efforts to glorify our Saviour Jesus Christ. We are sure our time together will be a sweet time of fellowship.

Some speakers inquire about the dress code at New Hope Wesleyan. Smart casual is how we dress, some, on the odd occasion, will wear a tie. However, in our climate we consider that a jacket and tie, though acceptable, is not necessary.

This equipment information below is meant to help you to present your message well, in our setting. It may be that you are not using any technology, that’s quite fine, as we are conscious that it is the Word of God that changes peoples hearts not the medium.


  • We use a hired hall that has some audio/visual equipment built into it.
  • The computer system is Windows 10 platform and we use the schedule presenter programme Easyworship 6. (We also have MS Powerpoint on the computer).
  • The visual display equipment is two 56″ TV screens at the left and right side of the stage and one also at the back of the room so the speaker can see the slide presented. Please don’t use a font size under 40. Thanks
  • Please choose a presentation method mentioned below.
  • A couple of weeks advanced noticed of requirements would be appreciated.
  • There is room for a book/advertising table and “flag” display.
  • Please arrive 3/4 to 1hr before start time if audio/visual displays are required.
  • Email or Dropbox to


  1. ON OUR COMPUTER: Easyworship can import a PowerPoint (or sound file) into the schedule and our presenter person rostered on for the day, will click from slide to slide on your behalf. Our presenter will need a printed copy of the message with notations where the slides changes happen. Email or Dropbox it to us during the week would be helpful for our organising.
  2. ON OUR COMPUTER: For this option we import the PowerPoint into EasyWorship and you can use, from the pulpit, a supplied Logitech Presenter to click through the presentation yourself.
  3. ON THE GUESTS COMPUTER: We can set up a digital (VGA) projector and the guest can plug into it. The guest should supply their own VGA cable (3-5 Metres long). If preferred the guest can provide their own laptop and projector. Pull down screen and projector stand are available.
  4. PLUG YOUR COMPUTER INTO THE HALL AUDIO/VISUAL SYSTEM using HDMI only and you progress your own presentation from your computer.
    PLEASE CONVERT ANY 4K VIDEOS to MP4 before you come. Thanks.

If you are able to have your video/DVD/PowerPoint file on a USB memory stick it would help us a lot to present your presentation well.
PLEASE NOTE: arriving at the last minute (except in extreme circumstances) and expecting to include audio/visual displays may result in disappointment.