God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind: His Own Son, Christ Jesus

At Christmas time, we remember and celebrate God’s greatest, sacrificial gift to mankind, His only Son, Jesus Christ. We do this by reading the Bible’s account of the original Christmas Story found at Luke 2:1-21, attending church, singing carols, and listening to the original Christmas story about a Heaven-sent baby. We can also participate in this same Christmas spirit by showing generosity to our families, friends, and workmates. I love this time of year as I look forward to our family Christmas get-togethers, seeing our younger family members open presents, and of course, enjoying Christmas festivities.

However, this enjoyment isn’t the case for everyone. We are reminded, whether via the media or family and friends, that there are people struggling through recent years’ fast-rising costs of living that find this time of year hard to face. They have reduced means to buy the basics of life and financing Christmas presents and festivities seems overwhelming. It makes us realise that not everyone looks forward to Christmas.

How do we help families or friends in need? Praying for people, certainly brings them to our minds more often, and prompts questions of “how can I help?” When we better know how and when we can help, it becomes easier to give assistance. Let us be more mindful our “fellow man” and ask God how we can help them. It will make a huge difference to how families enjoy Christmas this year.

God’s richest blessings to your family this Christmas and the New Year.